Intelligent Custom Orthodontics

Custom Digital Meets Intelligent Design

At KLOwen, we believe you should never have to sacrifice clinical excellence to achieve next-level practice efficiency. We believe your skill as an orthodontic specialist should always be the primary thing that sets you apart. We think the future of orthodontics is bright and we’re all about keeping the specialty special.

Our passion is giving orthodontists the best tools to deliver an amazing patient experience and show-stopping results . . . the kind of results that make every patient smile you create a shining example of why you’re the best choice for anyone looking to improve their smile. We also understand that we have to do that in a way that lets you respond quickly to consumer demand for things like same-day starts, faster treatment times, and fewer office visits – all without breaking the bank.

KLOwen’s signature product, Stride Custom Braces, is the only digital solution that offers full 7 – 7 customization. In fact, our custom digital solution offers over 2.56289e17 possible combinations, making it easy to get the perfect amount of customization without the added expense and time required with other solutions. With KLOwen Custom Braces, you’re not just a great orthodontist – you’re a finisher!

Our Patented Bracket System Offers Precise Control In All Three Orders

1st Order Customization

2nd Order Customization

3rd Order Customization

No other bracket system offers the degree of control KLOwen does.

Stride Custom Braces - Completely Custom
  • 19.5 slot dimension designed for our 19 X 25 wires
  • Slot filling mechanics allow for true straight wire treatment
  • Gingival offset bases ideal for indirect bonding
  • Trays can be easily cut to repair loose brackets during treatment