Aaron Paulding joined the KLOwen team in November of 2019 as the third member of the company. Originally hired as a technician to help with product fulfilment, he is now the vice president of lab operations. Aaron has a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Colorado State University supported by dual engineering bachelor’s degrees in Biomedical and Chemical & Biological engineering, which have allowed him to add efficiency and technical expertise as KLOwen grew from a few scientific advisors to customers across the United States.

His previous experience in team management and production scale-up, along with time at 3D Systems working in the digital surgical planning department, made Aaron a versatile member in the early days at KLOwen, where he managed a lab team, produced custom orthodontic treatment plans, and researched & tested new materials, printers, and processes for the evolving workflow.

Aaron’s passion is in the quality of the product as well as the quality-of-life improvements the product brings to our customers and their patients. As Vice President of Lab Operations, Aaron works with lab partners to streamline processes, digitally and physically, to continue providing great product for our customers. His goal is to bring the same repeatable, predictable processes developed at KLOwen to orthodontists seeking even greater efficiencies by implementing digital technologies, our product and technique in-house. In addition, Aaron is responsible for scaling production to meet the growing demand for digital custom braces.

Aaron and his wife are excited about their new home in Austin, TX (especially the tacos).