COREY BLACKHAM started with KLOwen Braces prior to product launch as Vice President of Operations in March 2019. In that post he worked diligently to train early adopters, created initial branding and messaging collateral, assisted in hiring and setting up the e-commerce platform on our first website as well as other outreach processes.

Now serving as Vice President of Customer Experience at KLOwen, Corey leads our customer success effort. His role includes welcoming, training and assisting new smile providers and their teams. He continues to play an integral role gathering and distilling valuable case data information for KLOwen’s messaging, research, and development efforts.

Corey does not believe in taking short cuts. His personal regard for KLOwen orthodontists is evident. He is passionate in his role to help with the successful implementation and training of the KLOwen system in orthodontic practices, working directly with orthodontists and their staff. Since Corey was young, he always wanted to work in the healthcare industry to help people.

Prior to working at KLOwen, Corey worked with dental laboratories (2008), and orthodontic laboratories since 2009. He implemented and directed new digital orthodontic products and systems that produced significant growth for the businesses for which he worked. Corey finds great satisfaction in problem solving, process improvement, and driving success for companies and customers.

Corey earned his business degree at Utah Valley University. He is married with 3 children.