KLOwen White Paper

After 2 years working with our users, industry partners and the orthodontic community, we’re very excited to introduce our white paper.
Consecutive doctors:
  • We took the first 4 consecutive doctors who submitted 100 cases and paid for a Gaidge subscription and had them start tracking their data closely.
Consecutive cases:
  • Each doctor took 20+ consecutive debonds of their cases with their conventional braces
  • Each doctor took 20+ consecutive debonds of their KLOwen cases for recent finishes.
  • The only exclusion criteria was that some offices excluded limited treatment cases in their KLOwen cases (which would have made the data look even more favorable for the KLOwen system)



A true digital custom braces solution for all fixed appliance patients, designed for DSO/OSO 


Follow the same workflow as removable appliances
See more patients per day with schedule flexibility
Increase profit without having to expand footprint or location
Increase revenue per visit and per practice profitability
Allow to scale your group with limited impact on your cashflow
Implement and scale easily no matter your group size
Manage efficient calibration between multiple doctors

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