Indirect Bonding Evolved

Control Meets Speed & Comfort

It’s about time: Historically, Indirect Bonding (IDB) has presented challenges. Some doctors shy away from it thinking, “I’ve tried that and didn’t like it.” But if you haven’t tried Stride Custom Braces by KLOwen, it’s time to think about IDB again so you can experience the benefits of precision placement and practice efficiency enjoyed by KLOwen Orthodontists (InStriders). 

Digital plus custom: Even with perfect bracket positioning, we only control the second order.  Rarely, if ever, is the tooth shape perfect to get the first order dialed in, and the 3rd order is all over the map (with 20-25degrees of play between typical finishing wires and the slot).  Combining a custom solution with digital planning and an easy-to-use indirect bonding tray (4th generation) with amazing accuracy and precision, we have finally unlocked the secret to making indirect bonding worth it.

Eliminate the guesswork: Our fourth-generation trays are just the right consistency for setting brackets. Clinicians and doctors also report ease in removing the trays. Plus, we provide team training to help you integrate IDB into your daily routine with ease.  

 Cross the finish line faster: With our trays, long turn-around times are a thing of the past. You can expect to seat those trays within 7-10 days of case submission or within a few short days if you do your own in-house 3-D printing.  IDB means accurate placement and combined with Stride Custom Braces by KLOwen, your team will be creating clinically excellent smiles consistently and predictably.