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KLOwen Custom Braces

Get To Your New Smile Faster

With traditional orthodontics you get a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment. It works, but it requires more adjustments and guesswork by your orthodontist throughout your time in braces. That means more orthodontic appointments and a lot more time in braces. But with KLOwen Custom Braces, your treatment is customized to your unique anatomy, so you get to your new smile faster than ever.

The process starts with a digital scan of your teeth – no goopy impressions required! The scan creates a topographical map of your unique anatomy which your doctor uses it to select the ideal brackets and placement for each tooth. This customized approach means less time in braces, less time away from school or work, and more time loving your new smile.

Here are just a few things patients love about
KLOwen Custom Braces:


      • Treatment starts faster
      • Treatment finishes 20% to 40% faster
      • Fewer office visits required
      • Custom braces make treatment more comfortable
      • Exceptional results are achieved in record time