Orthodontics, rewired.

Reduced appointments.
Reduced treatment time.
Reduced stress.

The custom digital workflow your patients expect,
and your practice deserves.

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Proof, not just promises.

less treatment time*


fewer visits*


decrease in broken brackets*


Conventional orthodontics requires a reactive approach to treating cases.  The orthodontist must continuously diagnose and manually adjust the appliance and wait until the next visit to see if the teeth are tracking correctly.  The outcome is longer treatment times, more appointments, and increased stress in the practice. 

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Shorten appointments, procedures, and treatment times with our full custom digital solution incorporating a custom prescription for each tooth within the overall treatment plan.  By utilizing a similar workflow as aligners for patients who need fixed treatment, our full custom digital solution provides a positive patient experience and better outcomes, with reduced stress on you and your team.  

Stay on schedule with KLOwen. Reduce stress in the practice by eliminating outdated, time-consuming procedures that don't always lead to desired outcomes. Our full custom digital solution reduces stress on the doctor and the team by decreasing the number of detailing appointments.

Dental Service Organizations (DSOs & OSOs) can rely on KLOwen Orthodontics to partner with them for best practices and advanced technology to deliver quality treatment and superior patient outcomes throughout their organization. Our digitally designed solution is customized to streamline care, providing a wide range of treatment options while meeting patients' expectations. 

Practice transformation

Efficient workflows that deliver control 

KLOwen's custom solution transforms the treatment experience for orthodontists, clinical staff, and patients, making it more efficient and effective.

Our full custom digital workflow delivers a personalized prescription and precise control, leading to efficient and high-quality outcomes. Our solution improves patient outcomes, fosters patient growth, and strengthens staff unity by streamlining workflows, reducing chair time, and increasing team independence.  


High-performance Digital Lab + Software + Innovative Hardware = near-infinite combinations

A fully digital workflow. Scan, plan and bond.

KLOwen Custom Braces are transformative in use and experience for orthodontists and clinical staff:

  • Scan the patient’s teeth with an intra-oral scanner of choice.
  • Approve the treatment plan created by our lab team based on your requirements. 
  • Bond the patient’s brackets, setting them on a path to a more confident smile.
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  • Dr Jolley 300x300
    My practice is much more efficient because KLOwen has streamlined our protocols and empowered my team. Volume is up without sacrificing quality care. Patient experience is something I'm just not willing to compromise on, so I love all of that.
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    Dr. David Jolley Orthodontist
  • Dr. Cheryl Aldridge 300x300
    "The KLOwen custom solution is totally in your control. There’s nothing that is outside of your control."
    Group 914
    Dr. Cheryl Aldridge Orthodontist
  • Dr. Brady - 300x300
    “I love using the KLOwen custom solution and being able to do more with less, while still getting amazing outcomes. I really feel KLOwen is the sweet spot of clinical efficiency and profitability.”
    Group 914
    Dr. Pat Brady Orthodontist
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Reduced Treatment Time. Fewer Office Visits. Full Custom Solution.

Empowering doctors and transforming practices with more control and time using KLOwen Custom Digital Orthodontics.

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