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Frequently Asked Questions

We are dedicated to keeping the orthodontic specialty special. Our products and services are exclusively for orthodontists.

Not anymore! We believe clinical excellence can live in complete harmony with practice efficiency. It’s part of the KLOwen equation. Our providers report significant improvements in both areas.

Indirect bonding has several advantages, including predictable, precise delegation. With indirect bonding, an assistant can perform the bond process, meaning patients will spend less time in the chair. This allows the orthodontist additional time to concentrate on crucial responsibilities.

  • Operating system: Windows 10 or higher
  • Ram: 8GB or better
  • Processor: i5 processor or better

We have partnered with OrthoSelect, a digital orthodontic laboratory, using their DIBS (Digital Indirect Bonding System) AI software with the automated KLOwen features and specs built in. It’s very user-friendly and creates the easiest-to-use delivery tray.

Based on the approved digital setup, KLOwen provides a full custom prescription for each tooth. We deliver the prescription using one of our numerous types and sizes of brackets & tubes of various heights, materials, and torques. Any remaining space (always less than 5 degrees and 0.2mm for bond strength) is filled with composite when we use our precise 3D-printed bonding trays to the teeth. The result is a 100% customized prescription for each patient. 

KLOwen brackets have a 19.5 slot size, which is filled by our 19×25 size wires. For custom treatment, we need to fill the slot. The bracket with the perfect torque and thickness is automatically populated through the software, allowing a straight course to your goal while greatly reducing, if not eliminating, the need for wire-bending or bracket repositioning.

KLOwen offers both a metal and clear full custom twin solution. 

A typical turn-around is approximately two weeks. The case will ship within 4 business days after the doctor's approval. 

*Turnaround times are based on the digital treatment plan being approved by the doctor within 24 hours of receiving it for review.

We invoice once the case is approved by the doctor in our approval software. 

Please contact Customer Support at 737.265.5220 or email We are available Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm CST.

Our Company

KLOwen Orthodontics is transforming orthodontic practices through our full custom digital orthodontic solution that increases efficiency, improves outcomes' quality and consistency, and reduces orthodontic practice stress. Founded in 2019 by Orthodontist Dr. Brandon Owen, KLOwen is a leading innovation in orthodontic treatment with a full portfolio of custom fixed appliances proven to deliver 31% reduced treatment time and 35% reduced appointments. KLOwen derives its name in memory of the Founder's son, Keller Logan Owen. Learn more at