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Dr. Melanie Wang and her Registered Dental Assistant, Barbara Whitaker with patient

Orthodontists and their teams pursue accuracy and efficiency in orthodontic treatment to achieve their ideal final tooth position, stable bite, and jaw alignment. In conventional orthodontics, achieving excellent outcomes involves multiple repositioning and detailing bending appointments that increase clinic days. Constantly course-correcting the one-size-fits-all approach for each patient ties up time, curtailing your practice's efficiency.

The Era of Digital Orthodontics

Thanks to our full custom digital solution, you can treat each patient with a custom prescription to them. Our digital lab team uses advanced KLOwen Software to select the ideal bracket and create a custom prescription for each tooth. Once you receive the digital setup, you can achieve digital setup approval in under five minutes, using your preferences and a guided checklist. The custom prescription is 3D printed and sent to the practice, where the orthodontic team applies the brackets using the loaded custom indirect digital bonding tray, ensuring precise tooth movement from start to finish. 

The KLOwen Custom Digital Solution empowers your support team to do more independently without relying on you for extensive wire bending and repositioning. This de-stresses your practice by making your team more productive and efficient, allowing them more control over the appointment and more time to focus on the patient. These efficiencies will enable you to optimize your schedule and see more patients in the same number of clinic days without sacrificing patient care and experience quality.

KLOwen Full Custom Digital Solution: The Orthodontist’s Best Friend

The KLOwen comprehensive solution helps you seamlessly integrate digital orthodontics into your practice and gives you optimal treatment control of all three orders. Our full custom solution enables you to achieve ideal patient outcomes by providing you with:

  • Full custom prescription
  • Gingival offset bases to minimize loose brackets
  • Full custom portfolio including metal and clear twin and metal SL solutions

Top orthodontists in the country, such as Dr. Melanie Wang of Dr. Melanie Orthodontics, have leveraged KLOwen’s Custom Digital Solution to grow her two practices. Dr. Wang and her team, led by Barbara Whitaker, started using our custom solution as early as 2019. 

Thanks to the efficiency they’ve gained from our solution, Dr. Wang has doubled her practice volume, while still working the same number of clinic days as before. This is a massive win for Dr. Wang and her team, as her primary goal for moving to custom orthodontics was efficiency for her and her team so they could be less stressed inside the practice and have more time outside the practice to do the things they love.

Experience the KLOwen Difference Today

Integrating custom digital orthodontics into your practice offers the opportunity for growth, efficiency, and reduced stress for you, your team, and your patients. With KLOwen's Custom Digital Solution, you can treat more patients without significantly increasing your overhead or clinic days.

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Dr Melanie Wang


Dr. Melanie Wang has amassed 17 years of extensive experience and exceptional skills in the field of orthodontics. She is the proud owner of Dr. Melanie Orthodontics, a practice with two flourishing locations in Rancho Santa Fe and San Diego, California.
Barbara Whitaker-RDA for Dr Wang


Barbara Whitaker has over twenty years of experience in orthodontics. A highly skilled and dedicated professional, she is a registered dental assistant and effectively fulfills the role of Lab Manager at Dr. Melanie Orthodontics, where she oversees the operations with precision and expertise. 



About KLOwen Orthodontics:

KLOwen Orthodontics is a custom digital technology company transforming orthodontic practices through our full custom digital orthodontic solution that increases efficiency, improves quality & consistency of outcomes, and reduces stress in the orthodontic practice. Founded in 2019 by Orthodontist, Dr. Brandon Owen, KLOwen is leading innovation in orthodontic treatment with a full portfolio of custom fixed appliances proven to deliver up to 41% reduced treatment time and 45% reduced appointments. Schedule a demo today by clicking here.

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