Custom Metal SL

Designed to lead the industry in predictability, efficiency and control

Introducing Custom Metal SL

  • David Ritcher 300x300
    The KLOwen Custom Metal SL Solution has the benefits of a conventional SL solution with the benefits of more control with the custom prescription. Together, this is the best technology available.
    Group 914
    Dr. David Richter Orthodontist
  • Jared Gianquinto 300x300
    The KLOwen Custom SL Solution is a game changer. It has all the advantages of conventional SL brackets with the benefits of unparalleled control and efficiency from a custom prescription. When you're ready to fill the slot, you have the precision to finish the case the way you want to.
    Group 914
    Dr. Jared Gianquinto Orthodontist
  • Dr Jolley 300x300
    The KLOwen Custom Metal SL Solution has been very smooth to work with. I love the contours of the design, it's very comfortable for the patient.
    Group 914
    Dr. David Jolley Orthodontist
  • Josh_Adcox 300x300
    Changing to the KLOwen Custom Metal SL Solution has been amazing because, with the customization built in, I get the benefits of an SL solution at the same time as torque control. I no longer struggle with the third order. I have the best of both worlds.
    Group 914
    Dr. Josh Adcox Orthodontist

Precise Control in All Three Orders


2024 AAO Ortho Innovator Honorable Mention

Our Custom Metal SL Solution has been recognized for its low friction and non-fatiguing ligation design, with tighter tolerances in the 19.5 x 26 slot to ensure shorter ligation appointments, faster initial alignment, and improved tooth positioning through a snug fit, optimizing control in all three orders.


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