The Power of Custom

Revolutionized orthodontics with a personalized approach

New! Custom Metal SL Solution

Designed to lead the industry in unparalleled control, unrivaled efficiency, and superior outcomes.

Custom prescription for individualized patient treatment

Our custom portfolio provides superior alignment and offers patients a choice of materials to fit their unique style, while providing orthodontists with preferred solutions. 

  • Metal Self-Ligating
  • Metal Twin 
  • Clear Twin  
KL OWEN-960_SL Typodont

Enhancing Efficiency with KLOwen Software

Reduce turnaround time with a guided checklist and convenient access to all necessary information

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Precise Control

Our patented custom solutions offer precise control in all three orders.

1st order customization

2nd order customization

3rd order customization

Take Control with Infinite Possibilities

KLOwen Full Custom Benefits

A comprehensive solution designed to provide a custom prescription for each patient, ensuring optimal treatment control. 

Group 920

100% custom prescription for each tooth

Group 925

19.5 slot dimension designed for our 19x25 wires allowing for true straight wire treatment


Choices: metal, clear, and top/bottom mix


Gingival offset bases reduce loose brackets and the need for bite turbos

  • Josh_Adcox 300x300
    Changing to the KLOwen Custom Metal SL Solution has been amazing because, with the customization built in, I get the benefits of an SL solution at the same time as torque control. I no longer struggle with the third order. I have the best of both worlds.
    Group 914
    Dr. Josh Adcox Orthodontist
  • Dr. Cheryl Aldridge 300x300
    I know what I approve in the KLOwen Software is what I'm going to get. It's a proven process. It's been proven over and over, time and time again with my patients.
    Group 914
    Dr. Cheryl Aldridge Orthodontist
  • Dr. Brady - 300x300-1
    The KLOwen Custom Digital Solution has made the biggest difference in my practice. My team loves it and I'm so much happier with my clinical results and the treatment efficiency.
    Group 914
    Dr. Pat Brady Orthodontist
  • Jared Gianquinto 300x300
    The KLOwen Custom SL Solution is a game changer. It has all the advantages of conventional SL brackets with the benefits of unparalleled control and efficiency from a custom prescription. When you're ready to fill the slot, you have the precision to finish the case the way you want to.
    Group 914
    Dr. Jared Gianquinto Orthodontist
  • Dr Jolley 300x300
    The KLOwen Custom Metal SL Solution has been very smooth to work with. I love the contours of the design, it's very comfortable for the patient.
    Group 914
    Dr. David Jolley Orthodontist
  • David Richter 300x300
    The KLOwen Custom Metal SL Solution has the benefits of a conventional SL solution with the benefits of more control with the custom prescription. Together, this is the best technology available.
    Group 914
    Dr. David Richter Orthodontist

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