The Power of Custom

Conventional braces lead to increased treatment time and appointments while requiring more chairside time from orthodontists. KLOwen’s custom brackets are designed uniquely for each patient by our digital lab team, utilizing advanced software that decreases treatment time and delivers superior control throughout the process.

Metal Twin - Blue

A full custom digital solution that delivers control

  • A digital workflow for high precision and quality results
  • Customizable prescription for individualized patient treatment
  • Full slot filling wire interface dramatically increases control
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Digitally Designed

Treatment options for all

Our custom solution provides superior alignment and offer patients a choice of materials to fit their unique style, while providing orthodontists flexibility.  
  • Metal Twin  
  • Clear Twin  

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Precise control

Our patented bracket system offers precise control in all three orders.

2nd order customization

3rd order customization

Take Control with Infinite Possibilities

KLOwen Full Custom Benefits

It's not just a tool but a comprehensive system designed to provide a customized bracket prescription for each patient, ensuring optimal treatment control.

Group 920

100% custom prescription for each tooth

Group 925

19.5 slot dimension designed for our 19x25 wires allowing for true straight wire treatment


Choices: metal, clear, and top/bottom mix


Gingival offset bases reduce loose brackets and the need for bite turbos

  • Dr Jolley 300x300
    My practice is much more efficient because KLOwen has streamlined our protocols and empowered my team. Volume is up without sacrificing quality care. Patient experience is something I'm just not willing to compromise on, so I love all of that.
    Group 914
    Dr. David Jolley Orthodontist
  • Dr. Cheryl Aldridge 300x300
    "The KLOwen custom solution is totally in your control. There’s nothing that is outside of your control."
    Group 914
    Dr. Cheryl Aldridge Orthodontist
  • Dr. Brady - 300x300
    “I love using the KLOwen custom solution and being able to do more with less, while still getting amazing outcomes. I really feel KLOwen is the sweet spot of clinical efficiency and profitability.”
    Group 914
    Dr. Pat Brady Orthodontist

Our Company

KLOwen Orthodontics was founded by Orthodontist Dr. Brandon Owen. Our solutions leverage advanced software, 3D printing, and digital indirect bonding with patented modular brackets to achieve custom treatment results. Our providers report reduced treatment time, fewer office visits, and fewer detailing appointments. KLOwen derives its name in memory of the Founder’s son, Keller Logan Owen.