Empowering your Team

KLOwen provides a digital solution for orthodontists and their teams to improve patient experience and streamline practice workflow.

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Achieve efficiency. Everyone wins!

The patient population is growing, but the orthodontist population is not. Orthodontists struggle to keep up, and finding ways to be efficient is more important than ever.

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It's common for orthodontists to face various challenges when running their practice. Our solution is designed to cater to these challenges and provide you with the best possible solution. We deliver full customizations for a better patient experience, improved clinical outcomes, time-saving techniques, growth opportunities without overheads, and improved work-life balance.

With KLOwen's custom digital solution, treatment coordinators can establish personal connections with patients by providing personalized treatment plans. As a coordinator, you are trained to address the financial obstacles patients face, and KLOwen's competitive pricing, with added benefits, such as fewer office visits, helps you overcome these barriers. With KLOwen, you can build stronger personal connections with their patients. 

With KLOwen's custom digital solution, office administrators can streamline their practice workflow, save time, and focus on delivering the best possible care to their patients. Fewer adjustments and emergency visits translate to fewer scheduling issues and more openings to see new patients. 

KLOwen offers a custom digital solution that empowers clinical staff with all the necessary information and tools to provide prospective patients with a seamless and personalized experience. Take more control of implementing treatment with your patients and feel the satisfaction of delivering a treatment designed uniquely for them. 

Patient Experience


First Visit
During the patient's first visit, the practice will take a 3D scan of the patient's teeth and bite - no more gooey impressions.


Digital Design
KLOwen's Digital Lab team will design the perfect smile for your patient using AI-powered technology and the doctor’s preferred preferences.


Braces On
A few weeks from your patient's first appointment, the patient's braces will arrive in a custom 3D-printed tray, ensuring a comfortable fit.


A Faster Smile
KLOwen Custom Braces reduce the need for frequent office visits, so patients spend less time in the office and have their new smile ready in no time!

Why our providers trust us


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