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Conventional braces present doctors with several obstacles when fitting braces to teeth. Conventional braces aren’t designed to account for the characteristics of individual mouths. They must be repositioned, and wires must be bent repeatedly, often over several months, to achieve the desired outcome. As a result, patients have to wear braces longer and visit the practice more frequently, resulting in more chair time and less revenue for the practice.

As any orthodontist can tell you, the human mouth is far less uniform than the practice of using conventional braces would have you believe. On the other hand, full custom solutions offer greater control for better fitting braces and more precise solutions to help reduce treatment time. 

What Is a Custom Digital Orthodontic Solution?

A full custom orthodontic solution is a modern alternative to conventional braces that enables orthodontists to provide patients with a custom treatment plan that includes braces customized for them, providing a better fit and a better treatment experience.

Understanding the custom digital solution can be helpful by thinking of the everyday shopping process for shoes. Shoe stores offer a range of options for individual customization, such as size, lacing, and width options, including narrow, medium, and wide, to ensure each customer gets exactly what they need.

Similarly, custom digital orthodontic solutions allow orthodontists to install custom brackets at precise angles so that they hug individual teeth more intimately. Any remaining space between the tooth's surface and the bracket base is filled with adhesive, leading to an even better fit and more precise outcomes.

Why Did Dr. Trotter Switch to Our Custom Digital Solution?

A graduate of Furman University, the Dental College of Georgia, and the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Dr. Paul Trotter joined his father's dental practice in 2014. When his father retired shortly thereafter, Dr. Trotter quickly realized that managing the volume of a two-doctor practice on his own wasn't feasible. 

To make things easier, Dr. Trotter began investigating solutions for improving the efficiency of his practice while maintaining the quality of service that he and his father built their reputation upon. The solution? Reducing treatment time committed to bracket placement by switching to our custom digital solution. Doing so freed up time in Dr. Trotter's schedule thanks to: 

  • Longer appointment intervals
  • Fewer finishing bends
  • Fewer bracket repositions

The switch proved to be not only a time saver but also a brilliant business decision. It enabled Dr. Trotter to optimize efficiency and manage more patients even after his father's retirement. As a result, Dr. Trotter’s practice increased revenue from $371 to $694 per appointment. 

Why Choose a Custom Digital Orthodontic Solution?

Custom digital orthodontic solutions benefit patients by providing them with high-performing, customized braces that unlock their full potential. For orthodontists, a custom solution reduces chair time and treatment time by reducing the number of adjustments and repositioning appointments required by conventional braces.

Custom orthodontic solutions can reduce doctor time from the roughly 21 visits required by non-custom braces by 35% to an average of 13 visits, allowing you to see more patients and provide expanded services without adding overhead or scaling back on quality.  

If conventional approaches to orthodontics have lost their appeal, it's time to explore the revolutionary solutions offered by KLOwen. We harness the power of digital workflows to enable orthodontists to offer personalized, custom orthodontic treatment that reduces chair time and boosts revenue, all with better and more consistent outcomes. Watch the webinar and contact KLOwen today to book a demo.


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KLOwen Orthodontics is a custom digital technology company transforming orthodontic practices through our full custom digital orthodontic solution that increases efficiency, improves quality & consistency of outcomes, and reduces stress in the orthodontic practice. Founded in 2019 by Orthodontist, Dr. Brandon Owen, KLOwen is leading innovation in orthodontic treatment with a full portfolio of custom fixed appliances proven to deliver up to 41% reduced treatment time and 45% reduced appointments. Schedule a demo today by clicking here.

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