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Dr. Jolley 1500 Milestone-2Every day can feel like a race against the clock when you’re part of a busy orthodontics team. You may spend all of your time rushing from patient to patient as you juggle a long list of tasks, from creating treatment plans to repairing broken brackets. This hectic pace can make providing the best care and maintaining a healthy work-life balance difficult. 

Full custom digital orthodontic solutions let you regain control of your schedule and improve patient outcomes. A great example of a practice that has maximized the benefits of full custom orthodontics is Dr. David Jolley from Corpus Christi, Texas. Since 2020, Dr. Jolley has used the KLOwen full custom digital orthodontic solution to transform his practice and offer personalized treatment plans to his patients. 

Here are three ways this approach has revolutionized Dr. Jolley’s practice

Increased Efficiency

Dr. Jolley went all-in with the KLOwen full custom digital orthodontic solution from the very beginning. His team followed his leadership and fully embraced the custom solution, allowing them to learn quickly and take advantage of its benefits. For example, they designated a specific hour each day for indirect bonding, allowing them to increase production while providing the same excellent care. They also used remote monitoring to lengthen the time between appointments, reducing the number of office visits per patient. 

Within six months, Dr. Jolley’s team had significantly streamlined their workflow and taken their productivity to a new level. He recalls, “We had more people coming in, more consults, more things happening, and it flowed in a different way.” 

Expanded Capacity

Orthodontics teams often struggle to balance growth with patient care. On the one hand, you want to increase your chair capacity and accomplish your goals. On the other hand, you don’t want to sacrifice quality of care or your relationships with your patients. 

Dr. Jolley was able to strike the perfect balance with the help of full custom digital orthodontics. Before implementing the KLOwen full custom digital solution, he believed he had reached his maximum capacity of 300 starts a year. However, during the first year of the new custom solution, he had 792 starts – a staggering increase of 160%. 

Dr. Jolley attributes this success to two factors. First, his team’s new efficiency and fewer office visits per patient gave him the time to increase chair capacity while maintaining personal relationships. Second, referrals increased dramatically as satisfied patients shared their results with their family and friends. 

Reduced Treatment Time

Traditional orthodontics treatments typically take 24 or more months and require frequent office visits to make adjustments and monitor progress. This time commitment can make patients reluctant to get treatment and limit the practice’s capacity.

The KLOwen full custom digital solution solves these issues by drastically reducing the treatment time while improving outcomes. Patients who receive treatment with the KLOwen custom orthodontic solution have been proven to finish their treatment up to 45% faster. They also need fewer office visits, so they don’t need to take as much time off school and work as clients with traditional braces. Dr. Jolley notes, “In a case where everything goes as it should and where there are no compliance issues, we can really get through these cases in a much faster, much more efficient timeframe than we did previously.” 

In Dr. Jolley’s case, these accelerated treatments led to a bottleneck when large numbers of patients unexpectedly finished their treatment at the same time. His team used the lessons they’d learned while implementing the KLOwen full custom solution to develop an efficient and fun solution: debonding days where patients can celebrate their new smiles together. 

The Full Custom Orthodontic Difference

Dr. Jolley’s results are impressive but not unique. All practices can enjoy the time-saving and revenue-boosting benefits of custom digital orthodontics. Learn more about how the KLOwen full custom orthodontic solution can increase your capacity and improve your team’s quality of life. Contact us to book a demo to learn more now. 


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KLOwen Orthodontics is a custom digital technology company transforming orthodontic practices through our full custom digital orthodontic solution that increases efficiency, improves quality & consistency of outcomes, and reduces stress in the orthodontic practice. Founded in 2019 by Orthodontist, Dr. Brandon Owen, KLOwen is leading innovation in orthodontic treatment with a full portfolio of custom fixed appliances proven to deliver up to 41% reduced treatment time and 45% reduced appointments. Schedule a demo today by clicking here.

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