KLOwen Nabs $10.5M Series A for Custom Braces System

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With pioneering digital technology from KLOwen, patients seeking the perfect smile no longer have to endure the typical 27 months and 19 office visits associated with traditional braces. Such prolonged treatment regimens are quickly becoming a relic of the past, as custom braces have been shown to achieve superior results in 20-40% less time. This dramatic difference has not only captured the attention of an industry ripe for change but has earned KLOwen a new $10.5 million round of funding.

When Dr. Brandon Owen founded KLOwen Custom Braces, Inc. in 2019, he was a man on a mission to address a long-standing problem in the field of orthodontics — the one-size-fits-all approach to braces. With Stride Custom Braces from KLOwen, patients receive a fully individualized solution that delivers faster, better outcomes than traditional braces.

For the past three years, KLOwen has been helping orthodontists throughout the country double their capacity and double their profits without additional staff or clinic hours. To date, the cutting-edge Stride Custom Braces system has featured metal brackets exclusively, which remain the most popular option among wearers of braces. However, to ensure 100% inclusivity, the company will premier a new 3D-printed clear brackets solution at the American Association of Orthodontists Annual Session in Miami Beach, Florida, May 21-24, 2022.

“With traditional braces, patients have to commit to a years-long process that requires continual adjustments to a standardized set of brackets, which is extremely cumbersome and inefficient,” Owen explains. “And because it’s so time-consuming, it also limits the ability of orthodontists to grow their practices, as there are only so many hours in a day, and only so many patients they can see. With Stride Custom Braces, the labor of an orthodontist is significantly reduced compared to traditional braces. And now that we provide options for both metal and clear brackets, all patients can reap the benefits of Stride Custom Braces.”

It wasn’t long ago that ground-breaking innovations in aligners took the orthodontics market by storm, but fixed appliance patients still represent nearly 70% of all orthodontics cases. “I have no doubt that the technology KLOwen has developed will create a seismic shift in the way patients experience braces, and will also vastly improve the earnings potential of orthodontists,” says John Bratrud, Managing Partner at Columbia Pacific Advisors, the lead investor in KLOwen’s $10.5 million Series A.

In addition to Columbia Pacific Advisors, this latest round of funding received the backing of several existing KLOwen investors, including Jazz Venture Partners, SpringRock Ventures, Ensemble Innovation Ventures, and the American Association of Orthodontists.

“Brandon Owen is a true visionary,” says John Harris, Managing Partner at Jazz Venture Partners. “He combined a passion for digital technology with a deep desire to make a difference in his chosen field of orthodontics, and he’s now able to offer his fellow practitioners a completely custom solution at a very affordable price point. Jazz Venture Partners is proud to have participated in KLOwen’s Series A, and we have every confidence Brandon and his team are going to dominate the market.”

About KLOwen Braces
KLOwen Braces, Inc. is driving orthodontics into a new digital era and transforming the way patients experience braces. Founded in 2019 by orthodontist, self-professed technology geek, and AAO Ortho Innovator Award winner, Dr. Brandon Owen, the company leverages 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and digital indirect bonding to offer a 7 – 7 custom solution with options for both metal and clear brackets. Its patented Stride Custom Braces not only reduce the number of months patients need to wear braces, but also the number of office visits, amount of chair time, and level of discomfort, delivering on a promise of faster, better outcomes than traditional braces. Orthodontists who use Stride Custom Braces are typically able to double both their capacity and their net profit per hour. For more information, visit www.klowenbraces.com.

President & Chairman of the Board, and will continue to oversee the company’s development, product launches, 
and market expansion plans.


KLOwen Ortho is proud to announce the appointment of Ryan Elmore as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Ryan has spent the past 17 years with increasing levels of leadership in the medical device industry, including companies such as J&J, Danaher and more recently Align Technology, where he led the US iTero team.

As an experienced commercial executive with a strong history of delivering results, he joins the newly formed executive team at KLOwen Ortho, to take the company to new levels in 2023 and beyond. KLOwen Ortho recently relocated its North American headquarters to Richardson, TX to better serve private practices and DSOs, as well as streamline its operations. Dr. Brandon Owen – founder of KLOwen Ortho/Stride Digital Custom Braces – remains the company’s President & Chairman of the Board, and will continue to oversee the company’s development, product launches, and market expansion plans.
“Having Ryan Elmore on board is an incredible opportunity for us to accelerate our momentum and build a community with our customers and industry partners” commented Dr. Owen, “Our strong leadership team led by Ryan will allow us to react faster to the changes in our industry, and remain the leader in custom digital braces with innovative products and solutions, exceptional customer service.”
“This is truly an incredible opportunity for me” added Ryan Elmore, “Our vision of creating Intelligent Custom Orthodontics for all fixed appliance patients is a win-win proposition for patients and doctors. The evolution of the fixed appliance side of the industry is long overdue and I am excited to be a part of the KLOwen Ortho team as we partner with practices.”

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