The Evolution of Orthodontics: From Ancient Times to Modern Times

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Orthodontics plays a crucial role in many people's lives. While braces have a long history, they have continually evolved, becoming more effective and comfortable over time.

From Ancient Orthodontics to Modern Science

Overcrowded and irregular teeth aren't new — in fact, it's quite the contrary. Humans have been finding ways to regulate and correct jaws and teeth since at least 1000 BC. 

Ancient Egyptians, for example, used metal posts to cause pressure on the denture and align it in a rather… brute-force approach to orthodontics. Some Roman sources claimed that applying constant pressure to one tooth would cause it to move into alignment.

Of course, these techniques sound incredibly primitive — but, at the time, they represented the only way people could take care of their dentures. 

But in 1669, Pierre Fauchard, a French physician, discovered that using a horseshoe-shaped piece of iron called the "Bandeau" could help align the teeth in a more sophisticated manner. A hundred years later, Louis Bourdet further improved the Bandeau and experimented with teeth extraction to relieve pressure.

And yet not one of these methods sounds like the modern braces we all know!

It was Christophe François Delabarre who, in 1812, introduced the wire crib to the world. This was maybe the first time "braces" were available to the general public — and research really took off from there.

A few decades later, several improvements (such as gum elastics and rubber bands) further amplified the effectiveness of the wire crib. Authors and researchers such as Norman William Kingsley and Edward Angle were among the first to classify the then-called "oral deformities" and propose some early solutions. In the mid-1800s, orthodontics began to form into a modern science.

 Orthodontics as We Know It

Modern braces are a gigantic step up from the methods used in the 19th century — but that doesn't mean there isn't room for the field to grow.

The sheer complexity of conventional orthodontics leads to long treatment times, frequent patient visits, and often unpredictable appointments. This can quickly result in stress and frustration for the doctors, their team, and their patients. 

Yet, there's a way to reimagine modern orthodontics as the industry continues to drive innovation. 

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